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Deluxe Housekeeping

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What We Provide

Glass Jars


Somehow you don`t feel comfortable at home? Is there too much clutter? The clothes are in huge piles at your closet? Shoes, socks all around the room? Your feet hurts when you step on LEGO?
This case you need to give us an urgent call to organize your closet according to the color scheme, get rid of the unused stuff (charity would be thankful) and let us create you a relaxing and nice atmosphere at home.

Pink Living Room

Interior Design / Home Decor

A house turns into a home whenever you feel great there. If you do not know which style would fit for your personality or you have a strong opinion about your style but don't know where to begin, just give us a call.
We are here for you to refresh your home with new colors, new decoration and a different style.
Let us help you make you feel home.

Washer & Dryer

Housekeeping and Home Maintaining

Working late, baby is crying, pets has to be fed, friends blowing up the phone to go out, need to meet family members, want to go on vacation, BUT there is the house. The house, where most of the time is being spent, the house where you want to feel like home, the house that has to be safe, clean and disinfected. Struggling with time, struggling between family and cleaning.
I have the solution for You! You do not need to miss out any family time, any important events, you can relax after a hard day at your favorite armchair and watch your show instead of getting crazy over the laundry.
Deluxe Housekeeping is here for you to help.

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