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SPA is one of the most wonderful things on earth that can make you super relaxed. Just like anyone else I would be able to spend all my money on a super SPA experience, but why should I if the atmosphere can be created at home.

Let me show you how it is possible to turn your home into a SPA with the following ideas.


A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers with the wonderful scent is so relaxing. This is one the secret of the SPAs. They usually have beautiful flowers and plants. If you feel like having fresh flowers is something to fancy and expensive, you can always go with some faux flowers which can be found at any home décor stores. Plants are great choice too, just pay attention for their need of sunlight. Some of them need more sun than others, and more water. Never forget to check the little tag of your new plant for all of the useful details.


Towels symbolize freshness and cleanness. They are soft on your skin and the scent of a fresh towel is heavenly. You can place the hand towels on your countertop in a special SPA style to have that luxurious feel.


Imagine when you enter a SPA and that wonderful scent surrounds you, makes you feel so relaxed. Usually I smell eucalyptus, so if you want the ultimate SPA experience, buy some eucalyptus scented candles or pick up eucalyptus essential oil. You can dash about 10 drops in your bathtub water and just enjoy the relaxation. If you not a big fan of the scent of eucalyptus go with a different one, all of them are great until they make you feel relaxed.


Music is an essential part of SPA. It relaxes the nerves and takes you into a different mindset. Pan-flute sounds so good to me at a SPA or classical music. The sound of piano or violin is something wonderful. If you want to be relaxed as much as possible choose some relaxing music from your repertoire.


Bath bombs can be real fun, some of them contain glitters or color your bath water which can give something extra to your SPA experience. Weather you choose bath bombs, shower cream and a lotion for the end, I would recommend something paraben and sulfate free. The best decision might be an organic product, which is not animal tested, so your SPA experience is going to be cruelty free.


If there is something that makes me nervous that is clutter, and a SPA experience can`t go with clutter. Your vanity supposed to be super tidy and organized. Go through of the things that you keep on your bathroom countertop and if there`s something that you don`t use daily just put it under the sink or place it into your medicine cabinet. For your daily stuff, like lotion or makeup removal, use a tray and keep them on it. It is going to make your countertop pretty and organized. For decoration you never go wrong with candles, vase. Choose them according to the color scheme of your bathroom and ta-daaa… You have created the ultimate SPA atmosphere.


At a SPA everything just feels so good. And why? Because they have all the comfy materials that makes you more relaxed. On this occasion you should pick up a plush, soft towel, a luxurious robe and comfy slippers. All of these top quality materials are going to be the game-changers in your bathroom.

I`m sure all of these tips and tricks are going to be useful for you, just lay back and enjoy your personal SPA.

Have a relaxing day guys!

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