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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

A kitchen upgrade is not an easy and cheap thing. I remember for our first kitchen renovation, where everything had to be upgraded. A new island was placed at the middle, new flooring and countertop. I would like to stop here and talk about how to keep your countertop clean.

You know, there are many different materials that you can pick from such as marble, quartz, glass, wood, etc., but we decided to go with granite. So, let`s see what we can know about granite.


Granite is a popular kitchen- and bathroom countertop, shower wall and floor material. Besides it`s wonderful colors this natural stone has the ability to resist scratches, stains and heat. Granite is the material which gives a luxury factor for your home, but if it`s not clean enough more like an “ewww” factor.

How to keep it clean?

Granite is strong but there are some products that doesn't work on it, such as acidic ones, including vinegar and lemon can cause etching and ammonia-based products can strip the sealant off the stone. So, for granite, try to be basic. I would suggest dish liquid or castile soap which is pH neutral or just go with a product which is specialized for granite.

Your perfect tool for this job is going to be a microfiber cloth to wipe and a non-scratching sponge for scrubbing.


As an interior designer, I`m so obsessed with the natural beauty of marble. Such a stunning and wonderful creation of mother nature, but a bit complicated if it`s about keeping it clean. You might be having a busy life at the kitchen, start your and your family`s day, throw parties, entertain friends and prepare food and drinks for all of them.

And why is it complicated to keep it clean?

Because marble is porous, natural stone which can soak up spilled liquid easily. You need to pay attention not to spill anything on the marble or wipe it up immediately. Marble seems to absorb moisture and will stain. It is a better idea if you keep a tray on your marble countertop and place your liquids there. Whenever the accident happens removing stains from marble is not easy, it requires special help.

How to keep it clean?

Marble can`t tolerate acids, it is the best if you wipe it down with water, but you can still go with the dish liquid and castile soap solution since both of are pH neutrals.


Quartz is another favorite material of mine. The patterns reflect nature`s splendor, but the most important is that engineered quartz does not require any sealing in order to resist stains because it is man-made. In fact, resin binders render quartz countertops nonporous, making the material impervious to mold, mildew, and stain- and odor-causing bacteria. Quartz is a hard surface, but not hard enough to withstand the effects of sharp objects like knives, so do the slicing on a cutting board to avoid damaging it.

How to keep it clean?

Soapy water will usually do the trick. If you need a gentle cleanser with a little more oomph to remove surface stains, make sure it is specifically designed for use on quartz. Beware, too, of harsh cleaning solutions at both ends of the pH spectrum. High-pH substances, such as oven cleaners and concentrated bleach, will damage the surface, pay attention for that.

I`m sure all of these tips and tricks are going to be useful for you, keep up on the good job with cleaning.

Have a spotless day guys!

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