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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Finding the miracle product among different cleaning products is a challenge. There is one which is good for cleaning the windows, the other one is for countertop, and there is another one, another one aaand another one. Multiple different products, but you are looking for the jackpot. One cleaning product which is beyond everything.

Well, my friend… that is the baking soda. Wait… what?! Baking soda?! Yes, I`m telling you. Baking soda is going to be your best friend if it is about cleaning. Let me tell you 5 secrets of this miracle product.


Do you remember when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Weeeell, if you don`t then the time has come my friend. First of all, remove the sheets and mattress covers from the bed and dust the mattress with baking soda. Leave it overnight before vacuuming and repeat the process for the other side. This is a very easy and budget friendly solution for your good night sleep.


Baking soda can be an easy and cheap solution to get rid of the bad smell from your carpet. Sprinkle it on your carpet and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, but if you are not in a rush it can sit there for hours (more effective). This wonder product acts as a deodorizer and going to remove the unwanted smell from your carpet or rug. After you let stand the baking soda just vacuum the carpet and remove all the traces of baking soda.


The life of a cutting board is never easy. Because of regular use they acquire an unpleasant smell, but don`t worry it is not hard to get rid of it. Shake 3-4 tablespoons worth of baking soda onto the surface of the cutting board, sprinkle with enough water to moisten it. Let it stand about 15 minutes then rub it well with a wet sponge. Rinse it clean and let it dry.


We all have already faced the issue when the pen leaked onto our fingers or just a good friend drew something sweet onto our hands. To remove the ink stain get some baking soda on your hands, rub them together with the mix of baking soda and water, rinse it with clean water and ta-daaa… Magic just happened.


Rubber gloves has the worst smell and there is no way to avoid it. Or… wait a minute. Maybe the miracle baking soda is going to be the hero of the day! Sprinkle baking soda in your gloves after each use and you will see that it will help to keep them smelling fresh.

I`m sure all of these tips and tricks are going to be useful for you, but if you are struggling with bigger issues just give as a call to make your home spotless and shiny.

Have a flawless day guys!

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